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Ugandan Mount Elgon

Ugandan Mount Elgon

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High quality, light, earthy Grade A coffee from Mount Elgon in eastern Uganda.

Roast: City (3/7) (Medium)

Tasting Notes: Pear, Red Wine, Raisin and Floral notes

Altitude: 1650-2200 MASL

Variety: SL14, SL34, KP423, Nyasaland & Bugisu


Coffee in Uganda makes up 95% of the country's total exports and as such is the major cash crop. Whilst they are known for their Robusta production in the past, the increasing demand for speciality Arabica beans has both increased the price of coffee and resulted in higher wages for the farmers. As such, there has been a huge incentive to constantly improve the quality of coffee produced in this country.[1]


The climate around Mount Elgon is perfect for growing premium coffee, with a small annual temperature fluctuation from 25°C to 14°C and annual rainfall over 4200mm.[11] Coffee from this region is solely a collective from almost 1000 individual farmers contributing towards export lots. Each farmer is responsible for around 1 hectare and the production of about 1000 arabica bushes. Much of the arabica from this region is shade canopy grown due to the banana trees growing between the arabica plants. The shade from the trees allows for greater moisture content in the soil, vital for coffee growth and allows the plants to grow completely naturally.[12]


The country dry seasons run between December to February and June to July whilst the wet seasons run September to November and March to May. Harvest occurs mainly between October and January. The two wet seasons ensure that the soil stays moist and fertile almost all year round allowing for excellent cherry growth and bringing out the regions signature flavours.[12]

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