Coffee Roasting Courses

If you are keen to learn a little more about coffee roasting, we offer short courses, where you will be able to get hands-on with our roasting and brewing equipment.

The courses take place over approximately 3 hours and include: 

- A little bit about ourselves and what we hope to do as a business
- An introduction to growing coffee and how different processing methods affect the flavour
- How green beans differ according to the variations in processing methods
- Some coffee roasting theory and the different stages of roasting
- A 10kg roast with our coffee roaster (you will have the opportunity to do the majority of the roasting yourself if you wish)
- Coffee tasting and the basic steps to brewing a good espresso 

Included with this will be various coffees for you to try, a 1kg bag of the coffee you have roasted (either ground or whole bean) and your initial will be on all sold bags of coffee for that batch!

Want to take home more than 1kg? We can offer this at a large discount as well.

For more information, please get in touch with us at or using the Contact Us form.