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Meet the Team


Roger Price

My father somehow knew the art of developing an idea to bring it into being and developed a group of successful companies after starting off with nothing.

I have always risen to a challenge and am sure it’s allowed me to learn quickly in many different work environments. The best part of my work to date has been the people that it has allowed me to meet and I hope we will be able to continue this trend. It has certainly started in the same vein, with all the good advice and positivity we have received.

Matthew Price

After completing my degree in Automotive Engineering last year I looked to start my own path in life. However, in the middle of a pandemic and the resultant lack of jobs, this was difficult.

Having grown up with an entrepreneurial father, setting up a business only seemed natural and who better to do it with than the man himself. Since finishing my degree I set out to make something positive of the current situation and the difficulty in getting a job has only provided me with the time to create one!

This position has allowed a marriage between my inherited entrepreneurship, lack of work and a huge affection of phenomenal coffee.

The result: Mill Bank Coffee Co.

Logo and Packaging Design

Rebekah Blinman

When my good friend Matt first approached me about the possibility of helping him and Roger design the branding and packing for Mill Bank Coffee Co., I didn’t even think twice!

Their enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism are unrivalled and I can’t wait to see the business really take off - something tells me I won’t have to wait long!

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Matt and Roger and help kickstart what I’m sure will be the next big thing in the coffee community!


Photography and Videography

Samuel Callen

I had a brilliant time working with my good friends Roger and Matthew, creating a homepage video for their thriving coffee roastery. 

It was fantastic as always to work with them and also learn so much first-hand from their vast knowledge and love for creating high-quality coffee. And what’s more I wasn’t a coffee drinker before the film shoot but now it’s definitely on my drinks list!

Samuel Callen Films


Instagram: @samuelcallenfilms