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Hario V60 Drip Decanter (Size 02)

Hario V60 Drip Decanter (Size 02)

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A V60 dripper is an easy way to start making high-quality coffee at home, and as such it is perfect for both new and old hands to home brewing. This basic type of pour-over always produces bright, flavourful coffee and we believe it is one of the easiest ways to express the flavour notes of your drink. This V60 drips the coffee directly into a decanter to make distributing the coffee into cups much easier after brewing. 

This set includes:

  • 1 x V60 Drip Decanter (Glass)
  • 1 x Silicone Band For Grip and Heat Protection
  • 1 x Black Plastic Dripper (Size 02)
  • 40 x Filter Papers (Size 02)

Additional Info:
Dimensions: W128 x D128 x H197mm
Capacity: 1 - 4 Cup (700ml)
Material: Plastic and Glass (Hot water & Dishwasher safe)

Coffee to match!
Whilst we believe all of our coffees work well through V60 but these are our favourite: